Question on Chain Replacement

The chain on my bike is in need of replacement. The sprockets appear to be in good condition. Should I replace the sprockets as well. Also what is the best chain to us on my Xr. In need of help. Tony :banghead:

you should always change sprockets when going to a new chain.The old sprockets will wear out the new chain. I have always gone with DID chain. Oh and oring if available

Thanx for the info. :applause:


if u need sprokets, u need a chain. if you need a chain, you need sprokets.

Cool thanx for the info. guys :applause:

Not trying a highjack here but do you guys notice one or the other sprocket wearing faster? Seems my countershaft starts to hook way before the rear is worn out. I use a Renthal counter and a Sunstar steel on the rear.

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