'98 Yz 400 carb

I just bought a '98 yz 400 that is in pieces.My question is about the carbureator. it is all apart, on the pilot screw I found the spring but cannot find the washer and the o-ring. looking at the picture in the service manual is that a washer and is the o-ring thick with the flat sides? What order do they go in. Any help would be great.



If you have the service manual, it should show the correct order in the exploded view of the carb. I assume the oring would be closest to the tip of the needle then the washer, followed by the spring. The washer is probably there to keep the spring from riding up on the oring. If you are in doubt about which parts to use, I would order new parts from the dealer. None of the parts in question would be very expensive. :applause:

good luck


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