need help on bike selection

My name is Josh and I just rid of my 2002 YZ125 and I have been wanting to get a 4 stroke. I dont want to settle for a 250 or anything but rather go for a big bike with speed. What are the years for the Xr 600 to the Xr 650? I have always been a Yamaha fan but just wanted to check out some Hondas. What is the top speed of a stock Xr 600 compared to a stock xr 250? My buddies and I vasically drag our bikes and it sucked with a lil 2 stroke 125 which i ended up blowing up. Please help me figure out which bike I should get. Thanks.

well if your dragging them you should be able to get in the high 8 in the 8th mile with a 600 ,i would top speed would be somewhere around 90-100 at best with gearing and all,look for 92 and up on the 600 not sure about the 650 accept it will do low to mid 8's on the 8th mile and probly about 5 to 10 miles an hour faster but i did beat my buddy on his 650 on a 2-3 mile drag race but that was because of the gearing and he weighs about 30 pounds more than me ,but i did get to rub it in a little which was nice for a change

Ya my friends 94 XR 250 goes about 80 to 85 top. I used to race but quit after I broke my arm. I want to just basically smoke him when I am drag racing him. Thanks

I am only 5 foot 6 and about 150 lbs. Can I handle an Xr 600?

You might want to start exercising, everytime I pick up my xr600 it feels heavier than the last time, I can't figure that one out LOL

Hello Josh

The XR 650 has a lot of power and with some mod. they are bad to the bone. If you only ride dirt go with the XR650R. If you ride dirt and street go with the XR650L. I have a L with very few mods and it will fly. The only thing you might have trouble with is seat height. I'm 6 ft. and I can barley flat foot the ground. Hope maybe I have helped you little. Good Luck Tony :applause:

Hey well I am really close to getting an 1997 XR600R but I have one more question to ask. I heard that the 600's have a weak tranny? Is that true? It was said to be especially bad in the 2nd gear. Can anyone relate to this or heard of it?

That was corrected in 1987, you shouldn't have a problem with a stock bike.

Ya the bike I believe only has a white bros. pipe and thats it. Ok thanks.

Also I forgot to add one thing. This 1997 Xr600r i believe only has a white bros. pipe. I am about to get rid of my 02 YZ 125. Shoudl I just try to swap bikes or what can I do? Please anybody I need to know.

Srry I am tryin to write to fast to get an answer and not explainign everything. A dealer has a 97 xr600r with a white bros. pipe and I am just about to get it. I also have a 2002 YZ 125 with a fresh top end with 0 hours on it. Should I just see if I can just swap bikes or maybe try to get credit from the YZ? What should I do? I dnt have time to try to sell it normally and this bike is really nice!!!!

How mauch money are we talking? XR600R's are not worth a whole lot and that could be a good thing but, it is real heavy. To speed is above 95mph if everything is right (geared right also), lots of torque! It won't get all the hole shot on a YZ250, but, once in fourth you will catch it and then pass it.

Well thats what I wanted to know. I might be able to jsut swap my 125 for the 600 but is that a good idea? The biggest bikes I have ridden are an xr400, xr 250, and an yz250. Compared to their weights should I be able to get used to the weight of the 600?

The XR600 is 44 pounds heavier then the XR400! :ride: You sound like a power freak :applause: Get a XR650R

But, I am sure price is an issue (You are looking at $1,400 ~ 1,800 bike) If that is what your 125 is worth and they will trade, then you have to find out if that is what you want.

Now is 44 lbs a big time issue? I never really paid attention to weight. O and yes I am a big power freak. I want to get as mcuh power as I can get. Unfortunately yes price is an issue as I am only goin to use the money that I sell the yz125 for to buy the bike or hopefully I am able to trade it in. I am just going to have to hope and see.

I raced a XR600R for years and it is heavy! The XR650R is heavy....they are the same weight but, the 650R carries it much better. Yes, the weight will become an issue. If you are going to ride tight trails you will be wishing you had a 125 agian. That won't mean you won't like it but, you will move on once you get a chance as power freeks allways do :applause:

Were in California?

I couldn't do this on a XR600:

I want to start riding at Pismo Dunes and I rarely ever go to Hollister Hills. La Grange and just riding around in the country is where I ride. Have you ever heard of the city called Fresno? I live in a small town called Dos Palos about an hour away from there. Where do you live?

Been to Fresno, Selma, many times and drive by Dos Palos, on the 152 a few times. We go to Pismo every year.


We should be at Dumont this weekend.

I live in between Riverside and Palm Springs in a small town off the I-10, North of Beaumont called Cherry Valley.

What time of the year do you go to Pismo? My friend always goes to Pismo about three to four times a year but the only reason I go down there is to surf and visit family. I only ride in the sand where I can and that would only be in the San Joaquin River when it is dry. You should let me know next time when you are going down to Pismo. If i get the xr600r then I am definetly buying a paddle tire with it. SPeaking of thatm what do the different amount of paddles mean? How does having more make a diff?

It takes power to pull more paddles. You can move Quicker and turn faster with an 8 paddle then a 10 paddle. A 10 paddle is much smoother and if you have the horsepower you can get a higher top speed. I run a 10 paddle on my 680cc bike to help keep the rev's down. It's a 560 monster but, I like the AMS Sand Snake much better and will run that from now on. I go to Pismo the last weekend of July lately. It use to be mid August.

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