need help on bike selection

To give you one reference point, I picked up a '94 XR600 for $2K last month in good condition; rejetted, pipe, Uni-filter, Renthal bars, Scott's steering stabilizer, front disc and fork guards, skid plate, recovered seat, new graphics, vet owned, clean title.

Bikes in California tend to go for a bit more than ones elsewhere, but I wouldn't pay more than about $1900 for it; BWB has an excellent idea on browsing a Cycle Trader before negotiating- tell the sales guy the best price you're seeeing on the market for something similar. Show him the magazine for backup.

Remember there are a bunch of these on the market and they're coming down in price. Be polite but firm, patient and well informed.

Take your time as BWB rightly suggests and it'll save you hundreds of bucks. Don't be afraid to walk out-- give the guy your name and number with your best and final offer as you walk out the door; tell them to call you if they change their mind (it's worked for me before).

Remember-- this sale won't affect your paycheck like it will the salesperson-- you're the one in control.

My .02 cents.



Ok I got you now, I am about to call them right now to see what they are offering and tommorrow i am goin to the local grocery store to pick up the magazine of cycle trader. thanks a lot

o ya i have another question, well i am not truely familiar with 4 strokes as I have always ran 2 strokes. Well how does thta manual decompressor work and wen do you use it?

I've been riding a 86 XR600R since 86, and the only time I ever have to use the compression release is after a spill in a race and it floods out.....Pull it kick it over 3 or 4 times then letter like a charm. (Of course weighing 250lbs helps)

Well I know its a heavy bike and all but at 150 lbs do you think I can pick up the bike?

It depends on how strong you are and to a large degree on technique. If you can pick up your YZ with ease, you can probably pick up an XR600 in most instances.

Remember you're not picking up the entire weight, just enough to get it onto the rubber.

Ask the dealer if you can wheel their XR over to some grass and put it on it's side gently with a friend helping; then see if you can pick it up. If it's definitely a no-go, you might want to think about a smaller machine. You should be okay though.

Recommend you hit the weight room anyway for strength and also to help prevent injury.

My 02 cents.



Ya ive been lifting weights a lot this year and before I mena I used to weight 130 and I could pick up my YZ with little strain. Now 4 to 6 months later, time goes by fast, I am 20 lbs heaveier and stronger also so I beleieve I can but itsjust going to be a lot of strain. I have older guys telling me not to get the bike because its to much bike and crap. I agree its a lot of bike but how I ride compared to other people its diff. Whenever I have a bike, I nearly ride everyday. But I dnt do trail riding or in the dunes that is just once in a great while. I am basically just goin to be on flatlands out in the country where you can just pin it for miles.

So do you think I should be able to pick up a XR600R with a full tank of gas?

add to my last post* if i wreck or it falls on the ground do you think is hould be able to pick up the xr600r with a full tank of gas concerinign my weight and size?

You will have to give it a try but, can you pick it up, upside down, on the side of a steep Not more the once or twice if you are fighting it somewhere but, you will figure it out if you want to go home :ride: Full of gas and the extras, it's up to 324 pounds. That is what my XR680R weighs full of gas and I don't have problems with it. But, if you don't turn it around the right way on the side of a straight up hill and try to pick it up you are screwed :applause: It's have to try it and find out.

Ok ya so talking about it isnt goin to do anything but tryin it for yourself will show me somethin correct? Now ok I am barely moving from 2 strokes to 4 strokes so from what you all know cna u tell me everythin i need to know now. What is different now from starting it and different crap. Ive ridden a friends xr250(277) and a yz426f before but they were already started and all i had to do wuz hop on the bike and take off. Any pointers?

Any tips or help? Anyone?

You do not twist the throttle at all. You find TDC (push the kick starter till it stops) and then make a full stroke from top to bottom as hard as you can. If it is cold you may need the choke. No gas. It's not a quick stroke like a two smoke and no yanking the throttle.

So there is no throttle involved jsut alot of hard ass kicking and someitmes choke? I heard that the 600;'s have a lot of compression where they can basically kick u off ur bike? is that true?

Also what is TDC?

Kick starting a mule like a 600 or 650 is partly about technique and partly about strength. An XR that's been properly jetted is usually easier to start than one with stock jets and settings.

You'll want to rely on your body weight as much as possible with one of these beasty's- I'm a full grown guy and it's more than pure leg strength for me as well. Am betting BWB and others probably agree on this point.

TDC means top dead center. It's when the piston arrives at the top of it's compression stroke; there are four strokes in a four stroke- intake, compression, power cycle and exhaust. Kick starting from TDC allows you to harness the compressed fuel/air charge inside the cylinder. You can sometimes start a warm XR on a cylinder stroke other than from TDC but it takes a bit of luck.

On a cold start, you kick the engine over a few times until you find a lot of resistance to the kick starter; this part is easy and you'll recognize it the first time you try it.

Then let the kick start lever come all the way to the top. Stand on it (I also hold the front brake) and let your weight begin pushing the lever through the stroke; then jump through it-- smoothly. As you're on the shorter side, you'll probably need to do this from the pegs or from a stand/crate.

Go real easy and smooth on the throttle until it gets a bit warm.

It's one of those things better demo'd than explained but it's not hard to do.

As for it being too much bike- from my view that's a lot more about maturity and ability to use common sense than size. They're a ton of fun and anyone can get over their head on one of these. You can also get in over your head on a mini bike.



Ya I understand. Im afraid this bike is going to be to much bike but then I dnt want to go any lower because how i ride is fast. Now i know everyone is goin to tell me if you want to go fast then get a 500 2 stroke or a YZF/CRF but I dnt want to get another 2 stroke cuz money issues from my 125 and I dnt want a 4 stroke race bike. I just want to get a powerful yet very dependable dirt bike and I beleieve the XR600R is right. Now if i take a test at the dealer and everything goes smooth like i start it ok aand i can control it well actually i couldnt say control but ride it. do you think it would be all clear for me right there to get it?

So there is no throttle involved jsut alot of hard ass kicking and someitmes choke? I heard that the 600;'s have a lot of compression where they can basically kick u off ur bike? is that true?

My XR6 has never kicked back. That is a thing from the past on older Big Bore bikes.

I seem to remember reading that you are 15, and it shows. You have asked (a lot) of great question, but it is time for other TT members to keep you headed down a path to fun and safe riding. The XR600R is a biiigggg, heeaavvyy, powwwerful bike. Mine runs top speed at about 90-95mph and it scares the crap out of me. I have only run it that fast a couple of times. Maybe it is because I am 34 with a wife and three kids, 10 years and under.

I have also crashed hard a couple of times. Once with the bike ending on top of me. Thanks to my friend who pulled it off me, I was completely pinned.

At 15, 5'6'' to 5'7'' and weighing 150ish, an XR600R may not be all that fun for you in the end. I still have not gotten used to the weight of my bike, and I promise that I am stronger than you are.

Don't get me wrong, I have had oversized bikes in the past and I still question that now with my XR600, but don't try to grow up to quickly and just get hurt.

You can never go wrong with a 600, just be safe.

Ya I know what you mean. I basically ahve to give a lot of respect towards the bike and just ride safe. Thank you for all of the help.

Well I jus got off the phon with the dealer and man do they want way to much. They were asking for 3 grand for this bike:

Now I am goin to spend the rest of my weekend lookin on cycle trader and in the local papers.

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