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I am looking into getting either a WR400 or a YZ400. Can someone tell me what the difference is in power and especially in top speed? I am of course young and thats all the basically matters to me is speed but I am of course on a low budget. Thankz.

marcusmoberg would know :applause:

Seem to be plenty fast enough for the fastest riders in the world, and you?

My YZ goes 236mph. But I do not have stock gearing.

I would assume that the WR would have a higher top speed seeing as the WR is W ide R atio. But if you are a young kid like myself, I would go for the YZ unless you never want to jump more than 20 or 30 feet. But, if all you EVER want to do is trails go for the WR. The only bad thing about the WRs is that they can be pretty dang heavy for a teenager. Im pretty stout at 5' 7" 175lbs, but my dads WR can feel REALLY heavy towards the end of a ride. I would suggest getting an iCat if you find it hard to start. My dads was impossible to start before we got it and now we dont even have to use the decompression lever. Here is the site

Ok thanks. I have always been a Yami guy but now my choices are between a wr 400 or an xr600. I jsut want as much power as I can get for the climbs, top speed, and power for at the dunes.

i used to run a xr600 and although i don't know much of the 400's i believe the yamahas were much more techno advanced. the xr 600's went basically unchanged through their production run since '85'. there are probly more go fast parts for the yami also :applause: if you do go xr 600 make sure the trannie is ok,they had a very weak 2nd gear.

Ok. I heard the 600's are pretty heavy and I do not want that heavy of a bike. Ill prob end up goin with an xr 400, yz 400, or a wr400. thanks.

It doesn't matter what the top speed is. You can just get a smaller back sprocket if you want a higher top speed. I've got 50 teeth in the rear and it hits around 78. Of course I never hit that on the track and rarely the trail.

I understand about the rear sprocket I jsut want to know about stock gearing from an xr600 to say a wr/yz 400. I dnt race anymore and hardly trail ride. I mainly ride in the sand or out in the country where you just go as fast as you can go. I just want a powerful, fast, yet controllable bike. When you say ( ncmountainmen) that the second gear is weak, do you mean that it could just start grinding or go out? Thanks.

well considering i had 2 xr600's(85 and a 90 sumthin?) and had to replace 2nd gear in one of them,and the trannie blew apart in 2nd on the other,and i was told this was common while i repaired them;i'd say they have a problem :applause: the first one stuck in 1st and the other, well exploded was a good explanation for that :ride:

Well have you heard anything about that happening on a '97 xr600r? I am just about to get one from a dealer.

A dealer has a 97 xr600r with a white bros. pipe and I am just about to get it. I also have a 2002 YZ 125 with a fresh top end with 0 hours on it. Should I just see if I can just swap bikes or maybe try to get credit from the YZ? What should I do? I dnt have time to try to sell it normally and this bike is really nice!!!!

i'd go ask on the xr forum,they may or may not have changed anything by 97? mine was a 91 i think(dang alzheimers :applause: ) i would say a good running 97 should fetch around $2k+-

Ok thanks ya I asked them but they arent really answerin.

If you want a desert bike get a CR500 or KX500. Nothing can beat the raw power of those big bore 2 strokes. They were made specifically for the desert and you could absolutely kill any of your buddies on a 500.;action=display;num=1130434438

there is a link to a the CR500 riders classifiedes forum. Going for around 2k. And as far as desert goes there is nothing better.

Na I dnt liek to mix gas and oil anymore and I rather just pull up to a gas station and fill up. I want somethin good on gas yet very powerful and the xr600r has it all.

Seriously, I have 15/46 gearing on my YZ and hit just over 110 mph on the dry lake bed.

I was going to go with a Yami because I have always been a Yami guy. I have raced them for a long time so I figured I would stick with them. Well after a few injuries and the price of racing I decided to quit and just play around with 4 strokes. I looked at the WR/YZ 400 but then the XR600 caught my attention. My buddy told me about his and how great it is since he used to own a 1999 WR400. Ive looked into the forums and decided that I should try to switch to riding red and try the XR600 out.

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