2004 XR 650 starting problems

I have a riding buddy that has a 2004 XR650L that won't start. We were trail riding yesterday and when we stopped on the side of the road for a break, his bike would not start. We noticed his headlight quit working. We finally got it to start and headed home. The bike has started one or twice since then, and the headlight won't work at all. He replaced the headlight and checked the fuses, and all visible wiring.

Any ideas? :applause:


Change the spark plug. If the bike is getting fuel and spark it will start unless you have jumped a timing chain or blown a head gasket or possibly let it go forever with out a valve adjustment.

Some dual sport bikes have a switch wired into the kickstand. If the switch goes bad the bike will not start. I am not sure if the XRL has such a switch.

It's my bike. After working it on it for awhile...

It feels like the starter button is working intermitently.

It will start sometimes, when it starts the headlight still does not come on.

Normaly the headlight is on all the time.

The high beam indicator light does not work also.

The bike only has 4000 miles.


did u check your starter relay switch?

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