front wheel question

:applause: can someone please tell me if the front wheel on the xr650l is the same rim, spokes, hub as the xr650r???? i have cracked my front rim on my 650r and there is a whole wheel on ebay exept for the rotor of the same year 650l on ebay. should i bid :ride: thanks in advance :p

No the XR650L and XR650R are not the same. I have a friend that did it and it cost him $$$ to make it fit.

im pretty sure it isnt....but not 100% on it. I too have seen that wheel on ebay....looks ok.

i'm pretty sure the hubs are not the same the xr650l runs a larger front rotor and the bolt pattern is different,chaeck the salvage yards you should be able to pick on up for around $125.00

good luck :applause:

I've got and almost new one complete wheel i'll sale ya. pm me

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