Hinson Clutch Basket Glitch

I just bought this Hinson Basket on eBay for $95. It's new, no wear marks at all, but there appears to be a small dimple in it from what can only be from a drill bit. It is very superficial, maybe 1mm deep at the most. I've attached a picture of it. Could this possibly become an issue? Many thanks...SC


i would just make sure theres no sharp edges .you should be fine .nice score man.

It was prob'ly done to balance it....

I called Hinson today and asked them about it. It turns out it's a punch mark that they put on all the stuff they give to factory teams/riders. It's not for retail sale and that's how they keep track of the parts. Not bad for $95...SC

Not to rub it in, but I just scored the entire remaining Hinson clutch pack, inner hub & pressure plate, along with an entire OEM clutch plate setup with springs for another $325. So with everything, I spent $425 on the whole deal delivered. God I love eBay! :applause::ride::p:p:lol::p:p:lol::p:p;):p ...SC

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