Block# Theory about Woodruff Key

I just read all 24 pages of the block# poll results. Has there been any change in the block# theory?

My block# is 1607 which falls in the middle of the 100% failure group. My woodruff key has not failed.


And I was wondering if those original thoughts had changed over the past two years

why tempt fate? could leave you stranded a long way from the truck...

why not upgrade and have peace of mind?

^what he said.

I aggree. Do the mods. My key didnt shear either but the outer idler bearing part of the side case broke out and could have gone into the engine. :applause: The starter was still working and it was noticed during routine maintenance.

I am going to do them before the end of the month but I was wondering about the block theory. It came up in mid 2003 and I had never heard about it because I got this bike in late o4. I was not sure if it still held true

I was never concerned with the woodruff key! Did the 04 upgrade, applied loctite and took the impact to the rotor nut. I never dreamed the starter clutch bolts would sheer! :applause:

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