Drilling out exhaust

One of mods to uncork is to unrestrict the exhaust. New HRC tip is around $115. Lots of talk about drilling existing out with a 2-inch hole saw. Is that all it takes? Will the spark arrestor still be in place, local ohv park requires spark arrestor and they check each visit? Any pics of others so I can get a feel for how to do this.


yes, a hole saw.. you can't drill out the spark arrestor.

Why not pull the three bolts to see what it's like on the inside?

Also, tie your bike down (with the insert installed) when drilling. it will tip your bike over if you don't. Tie down in your truck or whatever. :applause:


check this out they have pictures of how to's

yes, please retain functionality of a spark arrestor, no matter which mod you settle on ... forest fire country folk get riled easily, we've lost a lot already :applause:

Take the tip out of the bike and secure it in a vise or with vise-grips. Use plenty of oil when drilling, the holesaw will heat up and it will smoke like hell, but it will work.

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