Need a source to get some jets

Hi all.

I need a place to order carb jets for my 650L

I cannot use Sudco as they will only ship UPS, i refuse to do buisness with UPS as the F@#$ing morons cant get it through there damn heads to NOT leave a package that REQUIRES a signature at the front door of an apartment building in an apartment complex, then say i signed for it when i DIDNT and they have no signature proof that i did :censored:holes... oops, sorry, bit of a rant there. Dont even get me started on those DHL retards.

i tried to call carbparts but it says the number is incorrrect.

i have called every motorcycle/atv place in a 50 mile radius and no-one stocks the things. This just shouldnt be that hard, i just want a few stupid little brass jets.

i couldnt find them in the TT Store.

does anyone have a valid number for carbparts, or an idea for another source? preferably on the east coast?

I'm in the same boat as you, none of the shops around me carry any jets. I feel your pain. Do you have the contact info for Sudco?

orders: 1-800-998-3529

tech dept. 323-728-5407

I got mine from baja designs.


Baja Designs or you Honda dealer. My local dealer stocked all sized jets for my bike

Baja Designs or you Honda dealer. My local dealer stocked all sized jets for my bike

I checked all 3 of my local Honda dealers, they do NOT carry them, they can of course order them for a rediculous cost.

they had ONE size main jet in stock, a 160, that was it. (and only ONE of the three had that one.)

I checked either in person or on the phone EVERY bike shop from all manufacturers in a 50 mile radius. None had the series i need.

none of the mom & pop shops stocked them, pretty much all of them said it was to expensive to stock the inventory, but they would be happy to order them.

Thank you all for the pointers, ill check them out :applause:

well, thx, but no thx, they order them and add on their small markup, then state tax, I can order them myself and pay neither of those fees. I am all for supporting the little guy, but if i have to order it, i want it sent directly to me. If they had them in stock, i'd have happily picked them up in person.

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