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Worst breakdown story?

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The tool kit post got me thinking about breaking down in the middle of nowhere and then about the worst breakdown situation I've been in. BTW - I ride with a guy that carries enough tools and parts to almost build a new bike.

About the worst breakdown, check this one out:

My buddy and I went riding in the local mountains here in SoCal and headed off to look at naked girls at the hot springs located about 30 miles away from where we parked the truck. Once you get there, you have to hike ¼ mile back to the springs so you leave your bike stashed in the bushes off the beaten path down by a creek (Deep Creek). Sounds bad, but it's not.

We made it to the creek near the springs without incedent, but as soon as we arrived my friend managed to snap the head off of his XR 600's swingarm pivot bolt when he dumped the clutch and tried to bury his back wheel in the sand. MAJOR PROBLEM. The only thing connecting the ass end of his motorcycle to the rest of his motorcycle was the rear shock linkage.

We had tools, but no spare swingarm pivot bolt. Luckily we were able to loosen the nut on the bolt so that it extended the bolts length enough to get it through both the swingarm and the frame, but it would easily just back out again since it had no head. Then we used safety wire to hold small rocks in a way that blocked the pivot bolt from backing out.

To my surprise it worked. He was able to putt along for 30 miles while keeping an eye on the wired-up rocks. I was sure we were going to have to leave the bike there and worry about getting it at some other time.

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