Anybody run CRD exhaust?

I have an 01 WR426F with a CRD absolute power 2 silencer on it with the titanium header and midpipe. The setup sounds very nice, and I wouldn't know any difference on power from stock, but the kicker is that is has a Cobra Sparky arrestor welded on to the end to meet CA requirements, adding approx. 5 inches to the overall pipe. It's the only thing about the bike I can't stand. I don't want to get rid of the Header and mid-pipe (did I mention TITANIUM :ride: ?) they've taken quite a few wrecks with not a scratch. But I need a new silencer, and I need one that's as quiet as this one, and has spark arresting built in. Can anyone help a brother out? :applause:

CRD offers a pipe called the Absolute Performance 2 which has a built in arrestor, but they only make it for 450F's, can I get away with it, is the 450 exhaust setup that much different?

Hi I am a UK thumper owner and running a CRD off a 450 currently on a 426 personally I think this pipe is restricting alot of power but it is real quiet most 450 pipes will fit the 426,Anyone have any oppinions on wheather these pipes do restrict power THANKS

Hey Blooozboy,

Thanks for the reply, is there any chance you could tell me what model of CRD pipe you're running? Also did you have to do any modifications to the silencer and pipes to get them to mount properly on the 426? Thanks in advance....



There were no mods to be done with the exeption of a 1/2 inch spacer between silencer and frame The one I am running is a single mounting point ali not titanium hope this helps

Sorry its an R100

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