I just started my bike to check the oil level, and I had my head next to the case and DAMN it's loud. Is it supposed to have kind of a whine to it and sound really clattery. I've asked this question before....but I'm just loud are yalls crank case noises? The bike is running perfectly. The only problem is one of the external oil lines (downtube to case) is leaking.


Sometimes I think mine is making too much racket aswell, but I had it apart recently and there was nothing wrong. And the more I think about it... its always been like that. If your hearing a new noise or see more junk than normal collecting on the oil filter then maybe its worth looking into. Have you checked your timing chain lately? other than that I cant think of anything else it might be.

They are very loud mechanically, it concerns us all when we first got our bikes. After 3 years of ownership with only valve and carburetor adjustments it seems no worse. :applause:

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