how often should i change the oil??

i've bought a new 05 yz450. i run the engine in then changed the oil. how often should i change it now? a freind told me he changes his every three tanks of fuel. is that ok?

I change mine after a few times out at the track (roughly 8 hours or so). Just look at it when you check it. If it's getting dark, change it. Make sure you keep that filter clean too. It's pretty obvious when to clean those.

prepare to be flamed by the masses because you didn't search lol

i change mine every 2-4 rides, or around 4hrs engine run time. Always check air filer and swap for a clean one if it's dirty after every ride (i have 8 or 9 air filters) for my bike.

Well, I do oil every other ride and filter every 3rd or 4th oil change.

Air filter cleaned and oiled every other ride too. :applause:

Just out of curiosity, why do you change your air filter that often? I just wash mine and oil it every time I change the oil. Mine still looks like new.

I change mine every other ride. I always put a clean air filter in every ride. It may not look dirty, but it is! Oil is cheap compared to a blown up motor.

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