Stock Sprockets / Fouled plug WR400

I just picked up a '98 WR400, it came with extra sprockets and chain.

Sprockets are 14/49t The currect rear is 50t and I have taken the front cog gaurd off to see what it is. Whats stock?

Also, the bike needed a new plug when I picked it up. It had been sitting for about 3-4 months. New plug, started right up, but the old one was rather foul looking. Is this bike way to rich? I'm ass-uming 4-Strokes dont foul like 2-smokes.


14-50 are stock sprockets and no, your bike shouldn't foul plugs like a 2 stroke. I've had a plug last 14 months.

Right on. Thanks.

Checked the air filter.. VERY dirty. Most likely it was running rather rich.

Glad to see people still riding the 400's.. :applause:

Glad to see people still riding the 400's.. :applause:

Got two of them. One is punched out to 426 and the other 444. The weight is not an isue with me and with the Rekluse stalling (and hence re-starting) is not an issue. Frankly, between the auto-decomp cam and Rekluse, I can't see any reason to upgrade. And more importantly both are plated which is a bonus in this state.

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