Hotcams or stock cam for an 87 xr600

Ive got to do a connecting rod and crank bearings this winter on the old xr she has been knocking pretty bad all year. If I tear it down and see that it needs a cam(likely) what are some recommendations for a cam. I do mostly trail(2,3rd gear) and some duel sport riding. I'm really happy with the power I have now. The beast has been punched out 1st over and I'm running a wiseco high compression piston with stock exhaust. The dual carbs are running great and she starts on the second or third kick year round. If I put a a bit more wild cam(stage1) will I have to rejet? thoughts? :applause:

You'd probably have to re-jet, but not extensively. Maybe just a main jet, and it would probably be down and not up...Typically hotter cams create more vacuum at higher RPM and it'll pull more fuel...too much fuel. But it's not that big of a deal, don't let that stop you.

With a stage one, you may not have to do anything at all...if you do that, Id suggest you do the valve springs for sure. They get over looked more times than not...and they are the cheapest piece of insurance you can buy...

Hot cams doesn't offer a cam for the '87 xr600

Id bet you could get a cam from XR's only?

They seem to hold the RFVC motor in pretty high esteem...

How much did you want to bet?

Pro-flo makes a cam with 8mm lift and 258 duration, do you happen to know what stock is?

Pro-flo makes a cam with 8.8mm lift and 258 duration, do you happen to know what stock is?

Pro flo sells hot cams. hot cams lists it as 88-2000, pro-flo lists it as all. You better call first before you buy.

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