Sprockets...What Are You Using? Where Do You Ride?

I ride an '05' YZ450 and need to change my sprockets again but this time I wanna try something different but wanna take out the guess work. I ride a 50/50% trails and track and am prepared to purchase one set for each application......so what works for you???????? :applause:

I think stock on mine was 48 but I went with 50 in the rear. I might go back to 49 just for a little bit more top out of third. I would ride trails with mine but i have to get a quieter silencer first.

My 05 450 came with 51 tooth rear. I race all desert and needed more top speed, so I put on a 48. Worked way better for me. Jason

Ironman Sprockets will last longer :applause:

I just got my '03 yz450f and the guy said that for the track he used 14 and 51 and for trail he used 14 and 48. I have tried them both and they work perfect for me in each situation

03 450, use a 50 tooth blue anodized titanium based sproket from patriot racing sprokets, very expensive but longest lasting for me so far, ride mostly track and trail, hillclimbs

I use Renthal front 14, Renthal rear 48, and Renthal 114 link chain.

Stock gearing on my 05 is 14/51........I went with TAG sprockets in the 14/52 size. I ride only MX tracks. The main track I ride at is on the small side. I use 2nd or 3rd gear for the entire track. Another guy I race against has the same bike, and runs 13/51 combo, which gears it even deeper.

So can someone tell me....the higher the number of teeth in the rear makes the gearing lower?? :applause:

Running Renthal R-1 chain and 14-51 Renthal sprockets since day 1. I ride MX in NW Florida and SE Alabama. FWIW I use Bel-Ray chain lube.


So can someone tell me....the higher the number of teeth in the rear makes the gearing lower?? :applause:



Thanks :applause:

I'm running 13/47. MX 90% trail 10% it's excellent! Mine was 14/48 stock and last year I ran 14/47. This year I ordered the wrong front (that's how I got the 13) put it on too see what it would be like. I'm gonna run it from now on.

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