fork seals

i have an 02yz250 2 stroke but forks are pracitcally the same with 2 or 4 strokes. i really dont have any experience with suspension, but my seals are leaking so its time to replace them. i have a buddy whose done it for his bike so i have someone who knows what to do but i would like to know myself. What are the steps and how much of the fork do u actually have to take apart to change the oil seal and dust seal. if anyone has steps or a diagram i would appreciate it. thanks :applause:

Piece of Cake.

Be sure to check the inner tubes over for scratches and dings. You can sand most of these out if they're not too deep.

Try lifting out the seal covers and take a thin feeler guage or something similar and slide it under the seal and swipe it around the fork tube. Sometimes a piece of dirt will get in between the seal and cause it to leak. Mine was leaking pretty steady and I did this almost a year ago and the forks are not leaking anymore. It might be worth a try... maybe it will save you from taking the forks apart.

O2YZ426 is right that does work i use a pop bottle and cut it into a hook shape. Just make sure all the edges are smooth. I slide the tip of it up past the seal slide it around the seal and slowly work it down any debri gets trapped in the curve. I did mine 5 months ago and its still working.

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