xr600R snorkel question

I have a "new to me" 1997 Xr600r.

The bike is basically stock (mechanically) with an ugly turn down tip on the exhaust (Scotts tip?)

what does the airbox snorkel look like?

When I pull the seat, I have a (roughly) 2" x 5" hole in the top of the airbox. It's got a ridge around it about 1/2" tall. You can see the filter from the top through the square hole. I'm guessing the snorkel is gone? or is that it.

I don't see any rivet holes where it was suppose to have been.

Thanks for any input.


snorkles gone

snorkles gone


Ok, I'm over it. I thought I was actually going to have to do some work to this bike.


Yep...Its history..no biggie

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