New ride!!!!!!

Well, I am officially the owner of a brand new '06 WR450!! $6799 OTD. The last WR I owned was a 2001 426 that I YZ timed and did all the mods. Then I switched to a 2003 YZ450. Well, after a few too many MX injuries, I decided to go back to the WR and stick to trails, desert and GP's. Man, did I pick the right year! I absolutely LOVE this '06!!! The forks are far better than even my YZ. The trick new computer is pretty cool too. This thing is so for advanced from my '01 that I am still blown away!

I am going to break it in this weekend at Cal City. After that I plan on doing the usual mods. As far as jetting, would I be safe in doing as the '05 owners have done assuming the carb is the same? Or are there differences in the '06 that would require different jetting that what you guys list under "jetting mods"? Thanks!

Awesome, a new '06 :ride: The mods for the '06 are most likely the same for the '05. Clip this, cut that, remove other. Have fun!!! :applause:

Mine's jetted with a 168 MJ and 48 PJ. Stock needle and clip position. Oh, and a Zip-Ty fuel screw.

Well, I am officially the owner of a brand new '06 WR450!! $6799 OTD.

Congrats! I hope to do the same within a week or two. Not in a hurry this week as I'm planning to do the Malcom Smith No Wimps ride this Sunday on my DRZ (gotta be street legal).

Which dealer did you buy from? I know LA Yamaha advertises 6,799 OTD in the Cycle Trader. Or did someone else match that?? T

I went a 170 on the main- see Indys chart , I think it is the third entry on the thread.

I miss Cal and Jawbone :applause::ride:

Congrats on the new bike.. They sure are sweet this year.. The forks are new and supurb...

You'll want to run a 170 Main jet and a 48 pilot jet, leave the stock needle alone... She'll run great....

Have fun.............

I like mine, havn't uncorked it yet or anything, but having a great time. although I do feel a bit down compared to the DRZ400 I had for supermoto last year. but it had a full M4 system, and some time on the dyno jetting it.

soon to correct the jetting/throtle stop ect. but I want to get comfy on the dirt first.

BCS, I got my local Yamaha shop to match LA Cycles. They weren't too happy at first when I mentioned that I could go there to get that price. But they didn't hesitate for very long to come down to that price. At first they quoted me $7799 OTD!! I laughed, picked myself up off the floor then said, "C' can do better than that!"

Any you guys rode a crf450x, I'm kinda on the fence on this one.

We ride tight single track here in Ga. and I can get a new 05 450x

$5333otd!! Thats hard to pass up, but I also like the wr.

I'd like to hear any ride reports on both bikes Thanks.........

Bike comparo link...SC

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