How Far Can You Go? 01 Yz426f

I'm thinking of getting a IMS 3.5g tank for my 01 YZ426F dose anyone know how far you can go I heard about 50 to 60 miles OF HARD RIDEING. WHEN IN DOUBT GAS IT ! 01YZ426F ALL THE GOODIES! :applause:

I ran mine to empty in a scrub desert buddies odo said 52 miles..on stock 01 yz426 tank.

I ran mine to empty in a scrub desert buddies odo said 52 miles..on stock 01 yz426 tank.

That sounds about right. I know I can do 40 miles on the stock 1.8 with just a little left over. So do the math for 3.5.

I can usually get about 30 laps in on a 1.5 mile long MX track that I race frequently.

On the '00 426, I did 88 miles this past weekend, and still had gas left over. Prior to the 88 miles, I did 26 miles on 0.506 gallons of gas.

Riding was mostly jeep trails, and few hill climbs, no showboating, but not putt putting along either.

Speeking of milage.... My old 2000 426 gets WAY better mileage than my new 05 450. I sold the 426 to a friend of mine and we ride togeter often. When we are done, he always has close to twice as much fuel left. Any body else notice this?

My YZ426F goes further on a tank of gas then my friends YZ and CRF 450,s it also went further than my friends CR250.I still want to get a IMS tank because it's all ways nice to have a little extra gas for thoes long hare schrambles or trail rides plus you can take the IMS off and put the stock tank on for the track. YZ426F :applause:

I've gone between 70-80 on my 02' 426. It was a pretty good mix of trail, open fire road and some fast sections of railroad track.

I have a 3.2 Gal Clarke on my 01'426 and I can ride about 75 mi. and have a smidge left.

I have a 04 yz450 with a 3.1 gal IMS and can get 70-90 mi.

Clarke tank is 3.3 gallons and lots cheaper than IMS

Given the wide ranging responses here. I'd be very cautious about just how these mileage estimates are arrived at. The best way is to either have ridden the course in question on an odo equipped bike, or ride with an odo equipped bike to estimate it....

Good point.

The only reference I have for mileage is racing, and most promoters have accurate loop mileage. I think.

A big and as yet unmentioned factor in this mileage debate is speed average, and the related issue of final gearing.

From racing experience I can say that on an '01 at a 30 to 35 mph avg. you can plan on getting at least 70 miles w/ an IMS tank (this is w/ 14/45-47 gearing). Based on my experience w/ other bikes, this could probably go down to 55 miles if the speed avg. approaches 50 (assuming a major re-gear, something like 16/47).

Obviously trail riding could be much longer, but some guys basically ride at race pace all the time (you know who you are).

I think this was mentioned, but I don't think the IMS tank is 3.5 gallons, more like 3.3, I measured mine but can't remember exactly how big it was.

I've heard alot about IMS tanks but not much about CLARKE tanks whats the diff if any.Is IMS made better or do they just cost you more for the IMS name. :ride: I think they both have the same sizes and colors.Im looking for the best quailty,how it fits the bike and how its made. 01YZ426F :applause:

I've had both the IMS tank ('00KX250,3.0gal) and Clarke('04CRF250, 3.0approx) and can say I definately like the Clarke tanks better. The reason is they utilize the stock tank mounting holes on the top of the frame. The IMS uses bent aluminum flanges to hold the tank underneath your frame rails and seem to have more play or ability to loosen.The bolts are also harder to get to if you switch your tank out once and a while. Since your seat is attached to the tank, I like the security of the Clarke. Either will work great, just a personal preference. Also, I like Clarke better because it didn't seem to alter the bikes width as much as the IMS. I know these are two completely different machines and each tank mold is different but hey, you asked...

now, to confuse the issue even more, I am waiting for an 06 YZ450 and have been looking at the tanks the WORCS racers use on their machines. Zip Ty racing tanks (manufactured by IMS! )carry more fuel down lower next to the head lowering the center of gravity and don't seem to be as bulbous up top as the IMS or Clarke. The only issue I can see is they necessitate the use of an aftermarket Zip Ty petcock which means spending an extra $24. It is trick though and the tank price for a 450 is $170 so...still under $200 with the petcock. It does raise the seat slightly though at the tank much? Don't know yet. :applause:

My 426 will run out after about 40 miles. Seems to be an especially thirsty bike for some reason, I go 250 with riding gear, maybe that has something to do with it.

Lay the bike over on its side after it starts choking, and I have enough for a few more miles, is this Yamaha's idea of a reserve? Deciding on an IMS, Acerbis or Clark tank now, looking for about 3.8 gal. capacity, which will nearly double the present 2.1 gal. stock tank.

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