Why doesn't Honda sell it uncorked

So far I have just under $50 into uncorking my 650r - thanks to advice on this board. Couple of days and I should have the parts. Based on input from this forum, it should run cooler (hopefully help the hanging idol) and pep it up - not that I need the power there is plenty but I want it to run cooler and for $50 what the heck.

For such little $$$ for such a bang why doesn't Honda sell the BRP with the "proper" jets, airbox and exhaust mods?

PS - where do you get the avatar pics? Again thanks for all the great advice and info. This BY FAR the most informative site, and specficly forum I have encountered on the WEB on any topic whether it be finance, weather, etc....

My guess would be that they like a big safety margin on parts reliability( if you only push something to 50% capacity it will last longer) and possibly emmision regulations. :applause:

So it can get a green sticker, and any pic can be your avatar, just re-size it.

It is all about emissions.

I'm sure they would sell more bikes if they didn't cork it up like they do.

Unleash the monster.

I think they would sell less bikes if it had a red sticker.

What fun would that be? :applause:

Red Sticker sounds more restrictive than a carb insulator and a muffler insert.

You're probably right :applause:

One word:


I thought it was


It's for both noise and exhaust emissions. Putting a free flowing exhaust increases noise. With the exhaust you need more intake, fuel and air,which results in more emissions and a little bit more intake noise. I think Honda knows that the first thing people do is to remove the restrictors, but they have to please the federal agencies that mandate the requirements first. How long is any bike left completely stock?

Don't forget to buy the 1.8 radiator cap, it is a must if you plan on stop and go slow technical trail riding. The stock 1.1 is simply too wimpy the handle the XR650R cooling properly. Baja designs sells it. The KX500 heavy duty radiator cap works too and is what Baja Designs is actually selling.

You can also replace your coolant with Evans NPG coolant...375 degree boiling point. I ride slow technical eastern trails and have not boiled since the change over.

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