Clutch switch

After doing some work around the bars of my bike I noticed my clutch switch hanging behind the front plate. When I tried to put it back in there was nothing that would secure it in place so it would just fall out again. Can anyone tell me what holds it in place. I can see the groove that the notch has to go down but nothing else. If I can't figure it out I guess I will just tie the cable off behind the number plate and make it a habit to always hold the clutch in when starting.


is a clutch switch?

It's a plunger type switch on the WR450 that attaches to the clutch lever mount to keep you from being able to start the bike in gear if the clutch isn't pulled in.

I don't recall for sure, but I think it has a spring-loaded pin you push's been a while since I put the Rekluse in and removed the switch...

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