Thinking of going orange....

What makes you say that? I'm looking to go smaller/lighter. The 525, so I hear, can be a bear in the tight trails.

I'm looking for a bike that can do the tight nasty trails, singletrack, and still shine in the open stuff. The WR, so I've heard is a bit on the pudgy side. When you're doing 60 miles of singletrack all day, weight is a big concern.

I have not found that to be true. The 525 is great in the tight stuff. Like I said it is my woods bike of choice although I have really been having a lot of fun on my 05 KDX220 in the tight stuff.

But if your not concerned about a plate the 06 WR450 would really be an interesting choice. From what I have read about it I would love to ride one. Still the 510 husky is light, turns great, has an e-button and is a stronger running bike than the 525.

It's a little crazy to argue about the KTM 450 MCX and KTM 525 MCX, when they are the same bike. one has a 89mm bore and the other has a 95mm bore. Same carburetor, same everything. Same rake, tail, frame, suspension.

But, then again I looked it up here and they could be wrong :applause:

But if your not concerned about a plate the 06 WR450 would really be an interesting choice.

I agree! :applause: The '05 and up WR450's are completely different animals than the earlier WR's. The tall, portly feeling is gone. Getting a plate isn't a problem either. I had one on mine the same day I bought the bike. For $5700 OTD it's a lot of bike.


I just figured the KTM's come with all the goodies I'm going to want/have to put on the WR's or CRF's. Stainless lines, wave rotors, skid plates, bark busters. The KTM shop near me sells their bikes, at no extra charge, with a protection package including barkbusters(your choice) skidplate(your choice) pipe guards, sharkfins etc. I was getting an 05' 450exc for 6600 OTD w/ all that and taxes included. Some guys have said they can never find the comfort zone on the KTM's w/out standing up. I just figured the WR would still "feel" heavy in the singletrack compared to the KTM and that the electric starters are weak. When doing 70+ miles of it, that matters.

The KTMs feel light but when you dump one they are pretty heavy. They carry their weight down low which makes them a dream to ride. I love mine but am glad I have 3 other bikes to alternate with.

If your set on the KTM rest assured you will like it a lot. But there are other bikes that can run head to head with the KTM weight wise and performance wise. The only negative thing I can say about the KTM is they are not as durable as the XR650R. But they are durable for close to 7000 miles. That is a lot of riding and most folks would have it traded in before they hit that kind of mileage. It is a quality racing machine.

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