2003 Yz450

Just the chain adjusters and bars..

Wow what a shocker. I just called the local Yamaha dealer and they dont along with everyone else take bikes on consignment. However they would buy the bike for $2300 and no more.

Any body want a bike make me an offer.

I can e-mail photos.

I'm thinking at the very least you ought to be able to get 3k for it. I paid 3500 for mine in march of 05.

Thats what I was thinking. I quess I will just wait it out.

Hopefully it will sell.


I bought a hardly used (<20hours on it) one (03 450) in July for $3000--and I just sold a 2002 YZ250F (very good condition) for $2000, and it has been on the market since July also--took 4 months to sell it. If you really want to sell it quick, I would say start at $2500, noone is buying a lot right now, it seems.

use www.craigslist.com sold my 400ex in 36hours, plus its free!!

I guess bikes go for a lot more in Canada, I bought my 04 yz450 for $6000 in February, heres a link to show ya what bikes around here are going for.


theres two 03 450's ones $4700 the other $4500 thats still over $4000 U.S.

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