YZ450 Racer X Test

:p Thats so coooool. & im so glad i waited :p:applause::ride::p:p:lol:

Great write up from a couple guys who are definitely in the know.

Here's the part that is scary for those of you with '03-'05 450F's:

"Our test rider, Casey Johnson, has been instrumental in testing GYT-R parts for the ’06 450 and has spent hours on the new bike. He gave us his thoughts on the new Yamaha, saying, “I have been really surprised with this bike. I mean, everything about it is new, so you can’t even compare it to last year’s bike—it’s a thousand times better."

Sell those bikes before their value drops! There is still time!

Now this is going to be interesting:

"The Racer X Online 450F shootout is only weeks away, so be sure to check in for our back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back comparison of all the new 450s."

Don't you love it when the test riders work for yamaha and help develop the bike. Transworld did the same thing with there RMZ450 test. They might as well just had the yamaha maketing dept. write something up for them.


nice review

So far, even people who openly detested last year's YZ450 have been very positive about the '06 after they've ridden it.

I'm sure the bike is sweet, hell two of the three bikes in my garage are yamahas. I just feel let down when I finally read a test on a bike such as the new yzf450 that we've all been dieing to hear about and it's been tested by someone who works for yamaha. Of course the test rider is going to come back saying how incredible the bike is. Either way Yamaha has a good reputation and I can only imagine how fun the bike is to ride. Can't wait till the shoot out!!

Sounds awsome! Looks like a great year to be buyin a 450.

good post man. makes me wish i would have waited one more year to upgrade

I think the re-sale value on my '04 just went down the toilet!!!!

I think the old YZF's already had resale problems. I was trying to sell my 03 YZF last year and walked into a dealer that was selling a new 2005 YZ450F for $4,800 OTD when I was tyring to sell my used bike for the same. :applause: I decided jus to keep it cause I paid too much for it.

Anyone know if the newer YZF's (06 mainly) has an adjustable accellerator pump? I think that was my main issue with my 03.


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