05 WR450 Jetting and Pipe Combo

I'm looking to rejet and change the pipe on my 2005 WR450. Everything on the bike is stock. What has or hasn't worked for 'yall' out there in motorcycle land??? Thanks a bunch!!!

What kind of pipe do you want? Are you more concerned with power than decibels, or do you worry about the eardrums of poor woodland creatures and the odd Sierra Club metrosexual? I'm running an FMF Q2 right now and it's a decent pipe, but I'm planning on upgrading to the new Ti Powercore when it becomes readily available. Other good choices are the Yoshimura TRC's and the White Brother's line. Dr. D is also a reputable name for Yamaha's. Do some research in the archives and when you've got it narrowed down to a couple, fire away for personal opinions...SC

Well I do like my eardrums the way they are. I just want to get rid of the Sierra Club loving stock pipe and jetting set up Yamaha put on the bike to make it green sticker. I also want to stay within the 96 decibels sound limit. I don't need to be flying through the Dez like a crazy man. I just want to wake it up a little.

Q2 is your daisy...SC

the q2 or the white brothers e2. both are relatively quiet...and give good power increases with proper jetting...

if you wanna go on the cheap, snag a yz450 stock pipe that someone has scrapped...also gives good gains, and can be had for about 60 bucks....downside is, no sparky.

When you say proper jetting...what does that entail?

You'll get lots of different opinions on this, but on my '05 I've left the stock pipe in place, but pulled out the little pea shooter in the very end of the pipe. All you have to do is drill out the rivets holding it in place, and pull it or knock it out with a chisel or punch. Beats spending $400 - $600 on a new exhaust in my opinion, and the bike is still pretty quiet.

I've also done the Yamaha AIS removal kit (Yamaha part # GYT-5TJ93-69) which includes a new pilot jet, and needle, and a YZ throttle stop and gives you all the instructions for pulling the snorkle out of the airbox, as well as directions on doing the grey wire, and setting the fuel screw. There is also an AIS removal kit available from the TT store, but I don't know what it includes, and how detailed the instructions are. The instructions with the Yamaha kit are very detailed and pretty much echo the "free mods" that you'll find discussed in many posts on this forum. The bike runs very strong now and it isn't significantly louder than stock, and only cost about $30.

proper jetting entails, taking your carb apart and putting the right size jets in for your riding temp & elevation

there is a thread called "jetting D BASE" at the top of this forum.

a few posts down in that thread is a post from INDY. use his chart as a baseline....it is pretty spot on.

Any of you guys tried the Pro-Tec pipe ?

It looks good and is said to be adjustable db from 102-103db fully open and 96db closed.

You can easily adjust if you go from track to trail and are concerned about noise.


Full length system is 450$

What do you guys think of it ?

Thanks for the help. I'm new to the whole mechanics thing. See you in the Dez!!!

Put a 03 YZ450 silencer on mine after being dissatisfied with stocker uncorked. Big power difference.

Jetted with 99wr400 needle, 3rd clip, and 170 main. Fuel screw 1.75 turns out. Pilot stock.

RUns very strong. :applause:

DR. D pipe with the quiet core insert ,sounds great,makes it haul ass?

I have another question along these lines. Is it worth it to go with the whole exhaust header and everything or do you get enough gains from the slip on to make saving the extra bucks the better way to go? I am not a racer so I am not looking for everything that can be had but would like to maximize the bang for the buck.

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