Opinions on the yzf400 and yzf426. What probs did they have?

Hey guys Im looking to buy a used yam yzf400 or yzf426 to race in the 250cc class. Ive been on the 250f only and I dont want to invest too much in a larger bike like this until I know I can race it and feel comfortable. Whats your guys opinion on which bike to get which to steer away from? What are some of the most common problems with the 400 and 426f? I just dont want to by a new 450f kaw (right now) and find out its too much for me right now.

Thanks in advance for the help! :applause:

I liked my '99 400f better than my '01 426f. I felt like the 426 had to much hit and forced me to make too many mistakes. In AZ, a saavy shopper can buy a '99 400f in good shape for $2200.

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