WR400F Motocrosser? Who Knew ?

David......Thanks for the invite to the track dude...That was way cool ! Hell I'm not even hurting today....Thats Weird.. :D..That was the first time I had raced on a motocross track since I was 17....that was ummm lets see....25 years ago....Man I got my butt spanked :D, even managed to get to the first turn in second in the second moto. :) I didn't stay there long but hell I was just trying to survive without breaking anything on me or the WR ..that felt pretty good... Brittany's pictures were kind of blury except one of you CRUNCHING your suspension off the step up jump....Looks like your riding a "Flat Track" bike. Hi Fi Buys called and said they are special ordering the professional digital camera for me so I should have it by the next time we go. Pat say's you should't have taken me there because I'll probably wind up with plaster covering something before I get this out of my system.....She also say's thanks and can't wait until she can go again....Now That's WIERD ! Spent today cleaning the beast and puting on the new Renthal Fat Bars I bought at the track saturday. These things are cool...Raised my height 1 inch on the base and 3 inches on the bend. I set them open to the 3rd position and tested them out on a short run....Man what a difference.

Anyway I'll post the photos tomorrow from work...See Ya

Bill, that was fun. I have to take my forks off to get them serviced this week. I believe somthing has broken in them. The last race was brutel. The thing bottomed every jump, even at 3 clickers out from full.

Thanks for coming up. I hope your family had fun, I did but I am sore even today

Hey Dave and Bill, my buddy just moved to your area. I think he is working in Cumming. He has a '98 YZ400, maybe you guys could hit the local tracks sometime. He's an old slow guy like most of us.

We are going to Barnesville Ga...this coming sunday for the monthly poker run. Have him e-mail me if he would like to join us....

Bonzai... :)

I will be in Barnesville also, Unless I get talked into going to Destin Fla with 6 horny Blondes.......which sounds more appealing to me & my forced single-hood status. 3mo. and still kickin! There are some local tracks around that your buddy can check out on http://www.georgiaoffroad.com

My YZ426 is all apart with forks,Valving, new steering bearings. The WR is ripe & ready

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