newbies first ride

just got a 01 wr426 last night took it out for my first ride after work today it probably took me 20 min to get it started even after reading plenty of starting threads nothing but :ride: after that though rode some trails and blazed through some fields grew some balls after a bit and started seeing how far i could wheelie looped it my first ride :applause: time for some new bars ive been riding quads for the past 10 years and just wanted to go to 2 wheels to learn some new skills anyway had the most fun ive had in a long time

Got mine in April, Ditto

Got mine in April, Ditto

you mean hard to start had a blast looped it on the first ride

Congrats on going back to 2 Wheels - I recently cut the blue neutral switch wire on my 99 WR and it is definately starting easier - start the bike with half a kick when she's hot with no problems .a mod worth doing .

Cheers Nodrog :applause:

Glad to see you have come over from the dark side.

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