Tire suggestions???

Try this site. They have some good prices and if the TT store has the same stuff they will match the price 110%!


I am running the Kenda Carlsbad on both the front and rear. I absolutely LOVE them. They wear great and handle every type of terrain. They also have the bonus of being reversable meaning that in one direction they are an intermediate terrain tire and flip it around and you have a hard terrain tire. It works well for the riding we do here in Idaho and Wyoming. There is a bit of everything here and you find it all on the same ride....mud, rocks, sand, perfect tacky dirt, full grease and snow. Not to mention they are about $37 bucks for a rear tire in a 120/100/18.

Throw in some more softball size rock and some ultra-sharp shale type rock and it would look exactly like N Nevada. :p

Anyways, What is "Blue Groove"


Anyhow crazy looking tread and they are CHEAP! Just my style, more money for beer. :ride:

get em from rocky mountain...38 bucks for 110/100 18

and i have no clue what blue groove is. :applause:

and ddialogue, those are all wr4xxx's

:applause::ride: Rocky mountain is were i go to. I also run the 110/100/18 well i did looks like ill be running 19's on my new 06 YZ450F.. did i mention i cant wait.... :p:p:lol::p PS blue groove is hard packed dirt that turns blue from the rubber off your tires
The tires on my '99 WR 400 are nearing baldness, so I am due to buy my FIRST set. I think the old set was too hard, cuz they didn't grip as well as I would like (some of the outer knobs are cracking off too). I am wondering what dirt tires you guys would recommend as a good all around tire. I can't afford top-of-the-line right now, so keep suggestions to the economical tires. My typical terrain is hard dirt w/ some rocky areas. I would also be open to suggestions on where to buy them for a good price. Thanks in advance for your time guys.

I have a Dunlop 739FA front tire that I'll sell to you cheap. (You pay shipping)I took it off when I bought the bike so it's got ZERO miles on it. I took it off because it's not a great sand tire and sand's a big part of what I do. (PM if interested)

I've run the IRC VE35/33 combo with good results but I'm looking at the VE40 rear once this stock 756 wears out.

I Agree with the Kenda Carlsbad on the back - Good all round tire , which lasts long and doesn't eat a hole into the pocket - You don't want to be caught behind this animal at full spin . :applause: Unfortunately the Kenda front tires are crap and tend to wash -

Maxxis on the front and Millville on the rear. Yes, the roost can get a bit large.

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