Hearing some proud pricing out there on a 06

You'll never believe this!!!! OK, so my bike came in Thursday, 2006 yz450LE, same bike that everyone else on here is talking about. They assembled it and gave me a call yesterday. I went down to talk about what my price is going to be. They said $8300 OTD, but then said they would make me a deal. My "good deal" ended up being $8100 OTD. &%$#@!? I asked what my "good deal" on the blue one would be, $7900 OTD. I'm sorry, I like the dealership, and know the owner personally, but that is WAY TOO MUCH! Heck, I got quoted $6800 from my old sponsor back in Idaho. It would save me money to drive up and get it from Idaho. If $8100 OTD is the best deal I can get, I'll be riding yellow still this year, it'll just have a Suzuki sticker on it. Maybe I'll even go green, since I'll be saving a ton of "green" by not going with the deal on a YZ450F.

I believe it....that is what drives me nuts is some of the greedy dealers! I finally found a dealer in my area that gave me what I consider a good price. Since the dealer price is right around $5800 on a blue one I would love to see the break down how they get to $8100.

car salesmen = motorcycle salesman.....one in the same. :applause:

car salesmen = motorcycle salesman= big oil industries.....one in the same. :applause:

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