What is a stock YZ exhaust worth?

Im thinking about getting one for my 99 WR. there is a dented one on ebay for $40, is that worth it?

depends on the dent

I paid $100 for mine, shipped to my door, including the head pipe. It may have been too much, but .

BTW, the "dent" may just be the recess for the rear caliper. It's on the bottom of the later mufflers, not sure if it's on the earlier ones.

give us the ebay link.

about 2 cents. :applause:

I think that dent may be the relief for the brake rotor (when suspension bottoms.)

not an area that is easily dented otherwise.

my vote is that it is worth the 40.

Why do you feel you need the YZ exhaust?

Do you race motocross? Do you trail ride?

You do realize the header is the same.

The head pipe alone is worth that, easy

the dent is added, not original

for 40$ id run ten miles to get it:)

I have bought 2 stock exhausts off ebay, one for me and one for my buddy paid $9.99 each for them, mine came with the header and had a few dings like the one in the pic(there is supposed to be somewhat of a dent there but not that bike). I just drilled the rivits out straightened it and repacked and threw it back together.

I realize that the header is the same, im only really interested in the can. I dont race or anything like that. I want a YZ pipe b/c it is a little lighter, but more than anything else, it looks alot better than the stock WR pipe and I dont want to spend the money on an aftermarket pipe.

2000yzf426, thanks for the links. I dont think the 250's are the same, but i might bid on that other one.

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