Attention All 06 YZF Owners "Please Read"

I just have to laugh at the comment's the journalist's make about the front end being vague on the YZF's. It is so obvious at least to me that these guys are not racers and have no clue on how to tune a bike. Case in point. I rolled my 06 YZF250 off the showroom floor and drove down to Blue Diamond MX park to break it in. The track was not groomed and extremely rutted. The first thing I noticed about the bike is that the rear end sag was not set up and the forks were very stiff being new, also the tires had 25 psi of pressure in them form the dealer. I adjusted the tire pressure but left the rest of the bike alone. I just wanted to get some time on the motor so I could drop the oil on it and beat the crap out of it at Atco Supercoss that upcoming Tuesday. Needless to say the bike really did not corner to well compared to my 05 CRF250 that I raced all year and the bike only turns O.K with a definite vague felling on the front end when you charge corners. It is just a charterastic of the geometry of the frame and my 20mm triple clamps were only a band aid. Anyway I was a little worried after reading all of the bogus on-line test reports about the YZF pushing in cornors. I did a little tunning which consisted of setting the sag to 99mm, pushing the forks up to the engraved line, backing out the fork compression four clicks and backing out the shock high speed compresion .25 of a turn. On Tuesday nite I was pleasantly surprised to see that Atco had similar condishions to Blue diamond with rutted up corners. Needless to say the bike is a corner carving machine. I was blown away how planted and secure the front end felt on flat cornor's, ruts and berms. Point it and it goes with out any argument. I was very impressed. As a closing note "05 CRF250 For Sale, cheap"

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