Georgetown sat,25th

Mike(ROSEVILLE),Mike(SILCON),Big Dan,Ricky-1 from tahoe, Monty and John did 42 mile loop of single track and fire road at georgetown on sat, geart ride also some new hidden trials uesd only in enduros.Ricky-1 did a get off in the woods but was unhert, but then his bike would not start, big Dan and Mike pushed him up and down hills only to find out the kill swicth he install for the old highway 40 days had came off.The camp chiquita staging truned out not so good for trails (as in there arn't any)but it still has a good watering hole.We gave it up about 2;30 it was getting hot and the last trail section was a mother@#$%$* BUT FUN.Guys I had a good ride and Ricky-1 I hope you will come and ride with us again.Also forest hill aera is on fire now, man we need some rain.


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