Horn with no Honk

I have a 1999 Australian model WR400F. In order to get a certificate of compliance for road use the horn needs to work.

I have replaced it, replaced it again with a 6 volt type, tweaked the sound adjuster settings, cleaned the push button contacts, checked the connections.

The best I can get out of it is a Meak little pulse. Bruuuuu..uu....u..u..uu.

When the lights are on. virtually nothing. I have 12 volts AC no load and 9 Volts AC with lights on. The Head light bulb is 35 watt ( with in Spec).

What else can I look for or do????????

Man, petrol/Gas is getting expensive I need to get this baby on the road. :applause:

mate i have exactly the same model, and exactly the same problem. i cant get my horn to talk. cleaned contacts and all.

my next step is to check the voltage at the two horn connectors. havnt done this but try it and see if your getting 12v. if you are....dunno...

let us know if you find the problem!

where abouts in oz r ya?

cheers - Brett

Strap one of these on for the saftey check.


hey i had same problem with my 2000wr400f

you need to add a battery to it

its really simple i was in middle of making a howto thanks to help from fellow tt'rs but havnt gotten around to it do yet

try this forum that i started


basiclly to add the battery you

need to ad a ac/dc rectifier

it costs 3 to 5 bucks (american)

and you need a small battery

its a really simple proccess

here is a quick explanation what you do with the ac/dc rectifier and how you install it with battery i have a picture to show aswell email me and ill send it to you also here is a link to radio shack to get rectifier aswell as the part number incase link doesnt work.

y that goes to the regulator t off of that and send that (ac) to the rectifier?

and the ground from the regulator goes to ground

and then the opposite corner that i hook to the rectifier i ground and then

the negative goes to negative on battery and the positive goes to positive on battery


part number is #276-1185


I had the problem too. Happened at idle. Rev the motor, horn works great.

Some of these dirtbike electrical systems are designed to conserve weight, so there isn't much extra power for accessories. :applause:

Thanks, I haven't thought of that,

I would just run the horn on it's own batteries. That way you don't have to work on the electical system. I used to run an a boat CO2 airhorn on my bars in the woods. If you ever lose someone, they won't be lost for long!

Find another place to get your blue slip(NSW). Most mechanics relise the bikes are headed for the fire trails and dont really worry too much about the horn. They are mostly concerned about headlights, brakelights and blinkers.

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