Hands going numb

I find when i race my hands end up going tingly and numb sometimes. what can i do to make less vibration? Should I get some sort of squishy grips , put rubber or foam inside my bars??

Check your gloves and see if there is a seam running from between the thumb and first finger down diagonally towards the wrist. I used to have this same problem when riding my mountain bike. There is a nerve that runs along the fleshy part of the thumb that can cause numbness if it gets to much pressure on it. Not saying that this is a cause but it may be. According to my wife, there is also a nerve in the shoulder area that causes numbness like this if you are riding with your shoulders rounded or arms extended for a long time. She is a massage therapist so she is pretty smart.

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Originally posted by Brandon:

I find when i race my hands end up going tingly and numb sometimes. what can i do to make less vibration? Should I get some sort of squishy grips , put rubber or foam inside my bars??


Brandon, I had the same problem but mine was due to nerve damage from a neck injury. Once I put a stabalizer on, my hands and wrists felt much better. Don't know if this will help you and it's certainly an expensive upgrade, but in my dumb @ss opinion, there's no better upgrade if you ride desert. You also may want to trash the stock bars if that's what you using. I went to ProTapers and am completely satisfied. Good luck to you and I hope you find a solution. Keep an eye on the numbness in your wrists. If the numbness start lasting longer before returning to normal, you may want to go see a specialist.



I had this same problem until I bought a set of Pro Grips that are much fatter and much softer than most moto grips. Cheaper too! Eric


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Thanx for all the replies guys! I think i am going to try running an underglove under my normal gloves and should get oversized soft grips. My right hand usually goes numb before my left, and i am already running jimmy button highs.


How old r u? I'm not,(46yrs young) but have the same problem.


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I had the same problem until recently when a good friend and excellent rider sat me down and did three things. First he had me hold the grips to ensure that they were not too big for my hands (They Weren't) next he checked the fit of my gloves.(They were a little snug so I went to the next size, they were restricting blood flow just a little when I closed my fingers around the grips) and lastly he rode next to me on a section of trail and noticed that I was unconciously placing a death grip on the bars.

When I changed my gloves and learned to relax my grip and flow with the bike, my numbness and the tingling have disappeared. I now conciously make myself relax my stranglehold on the bars....even when I'm scared *&^%%less.

Good Luck...

Bonzai... :)

Brandon, I've heard some great tips here, I tend to ride real loose and dont grip the handlebar very hard at all. I try to grip the bike with my lower body. I've noticed many desert riders lean WAY forward with their heads clean over the handlebar so that their arms and hands arnt getting pulled on, that saves alot of energy and most pro's use that technique. I noticed that Destry Abbott and other pro's use handlebar weights on the end of their bars, that coupled with a steering dampner and grips that fit should help things out. This may sound stupid but proper hydration is sooo important too. Just my thoughts....

You can get bar snake foam to shoot in the bars to keep vibes down. I get the same thing riding bycycles on long road rides. I got some gel gloves and it works good. The problem is they dont make full fingered ones for MX, So whats a guy to do? March right down to pep boys or NAPA and demand some Mechanix where Ipact gloves! They have the gel in them to soak up vibs from Air powered Impact guns. Most Motorcycel suppliers sell MechaX wehre gloves too, I think Dennis Kirk as well. Dont grip to tight and keep your whole body relaxed is key, as far as hydration, a few cold ones keeps you very relaxed as well I agree! :)

Well i've heard alot of things I didnt even consider and there is alot of great advice. I just started racing this year and started doing some hare scrambles. I think being relaxxed is the key. Especially when you do try to go fast because I, for one hang on way too hard some times. Ricky1-I dont think my numbness comes from old age because im only 18. I think im just going to have to keep practicing riding smooth and trying to flow better instead of muscling the big WR through the woods. :)


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I can't believe your hands go numb, my mother always said that I would go blind if I kept doing it in the bathroom.


I cant believe it only takes four strokes :)


Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

A Scottt's steering damper did the trick for me. It let me ride with more confidence that a wrong decision will not necessarily mean disaster. I find myself relaxing more, and gripping the bars lighter.

man try not to put too much strengh on the

grip sometimes the problems are bad habits

and bad habits are hard to forget.


i had the same problum when riding but then one day it never went away ,untill i got the carple tunnel surgery done

Nothing like digging up an old thread! but I want to replace the grips on my 08 WR and was wondering what the standard rubber compound is? it seems quite soft.

Can anyone recommend any grips, soft black full waffle pattern?

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