question about YZ needle


I have a 2000 DRZ (but I am not anti-yama). I feel like everyone had the same kindof money to spend and got the bike they wanted. My question is this: I recently purchased the needle from the 426 carb to install on my DRZ. I know that the YZ's have tendencies of fouling plugs. You dont suppose that the needle (allowing more gas to pass) would have anything to do with the plug fouling? I have had my DRZ for over a year but havnt fouled a plug yet. I'd love to gain in responce but dont wanna sacrifice it with added maintenance.

Thank you


00 DRZ kicker

You will not have been the first rider to try a YZ needle in a DRZ. It is a very good change for the DRZ also. If the needle code is OBEJP or OBEKP, start in clip #3(leaner) rather than the middle clip. The pilot jet at about a #45 (2 turns) or #48 (1 turn) and main jet should also be in the range of #158-162.

Thanks a ton. I did get the obekp. My bike is jetted at main 170 already.....I live as far south in Alabama as possible (Sea Level). A 160 was too lean. I will put the clip on 3 as you stated. Thanks for your help.


00DRZ Kicker

Ok, I am gonna try this mod anyway. The worse thing that could happen is having to go back stock if the plug fouling starts.


00 DRZ Kicker

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