Air filter oil (both sides or just one

:applause::ride: Do you oil both sides or just the side panel side thanks :p

Oil the whole thing -outside then squeeze it in and blot with a towel.

Don't use spray on........

Like it was said, squeeze out the extra oil and that is the right amount.

You can wash a used filter over and over again and once you think it's done wash it in a clean bucket with gas and you will see how much more dirt comes out. A lot. I use Golden spectro foam filter oil. It's messy and water proof.

i think you need to clean it often that is for sure ,i found that the k&n filter cleaner works rather well to clean it i hate use gas seems to shorten the life of the filter ,i also use some dishwashing liquid to help also ,but the gas well definitly bring out all the funk, i use just the belray stuff and the regular way to oil it and ring out and good to go, i found i think that the stock filter are better than the aftermarket and last a little longer but they cost a little more but you get what you pay for.

Why should you not use spray on filter oil?

It costs more in the long run. Hard to get enough to saturate, not as sticky. Most get dust through there filter using spray on.

Oh I was trying to use up some K&N that ive had around the house and I have been going real lie with it . I better change tachtics.

Thanks for your help

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