headlight dosent work

just got the bike 01wr426 headlight didnt work when i got it figured the bulb was probably just busted but it looks perfectly fine to me any suggestions on what to do next?thanks in advance

check your connections and switch for shorts.

and no matter what the bulb looks like, it still may be fried...try a new bulb.

i assume you have to get them from the dealer?

no...see what kind of bulb it is, and get it from an autoparts store or walmart.

the 450's use an h4 bulb, not sure about yours.

replaced the bulb still nothing :applause: how do check for a faulty switch?

voltage meter.

Check your wires aren't crushed between the steering stops, that's what happened to mine.

if i connect the two wires it should work unless i have a broken wire right?

checked all connections everything looks good i dont have a voltage meter what should i do now? this is killing me since it gets dark so early now

btw i dont have a taillight if that makes any difference

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