Signs of Overheating

650R not uncorked yet. Parts are on order. I suspect it is getting hot, seems to have hanging idle when picking through technical stuff. Doesn't seem to boil over even with stock radiator cap. By all accounts after uncorking it should solve problem, but......what if water pump fails or ???? Have read that there is some type of oil temp guage. Any thoughts good or bad and if good where are they avialable?

xr's only has a replacement dipstick with a temp guage built in. I havent got one yet, but its on the list.

XRonly dipstick :applause: , gives you alittle heads up on oil temp, I run one, gives you something to watch, but remember oil temp and water temp don't always go hand in hand. Failed water pump will create high oil temp, oops, might be to late. But I definately feel better with the oil temp gauge then without.

The thing about the oil temp dip stick is that it will get moisture underneath the plastic window and then it will quit functioning. It will not last much longer than a year. Not worth the money. I am not the only one this has happened to.

Evans Coolant.

Solved my boiling over in tight stuff problem. Put it in forget it. I have not had any problems since I put it in for over a year.

Wont freeze until -40 F and wont boil until 375 F. It has no water in it.

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