Bolt that holds the baffle in

As fate would have it, I go on a bike ride the day after ordering a PMB insert and the stock baffle starts rattling all about. I check it and it is extending out about 1" from the pipe. I tried to remove the bolt to just yank the sucker out, but the bolt appears stripped or something--it just turns and turns.

I assume that it is just a bolt and that the threads on it or the pipe are screwed up. Am I on the right track? ANd if it is the pipe screws that are messed up, is there a fix or do I need a new pipe?

I use a longer bolt on the baffle and a self-locking nut on the end of it just to be safe. Otherwise, it likes to loosen up. I lost a baffle earlier this year because the bolt vibrated out. I check it more frequently now.

Turns out the bolt was spinning because the baffle broke where the bolt screws into it. So, my pipe is fine. My PMB insert should be here soon!

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