Im 27 but only started riding motorcycles less than a year ago...

i already feel like im too old for this. 27 I still thought I was immortal :applause::ride:

I was 41 nov. 5th and been riding 29 years. I figure I got another 29 years to ride. :applause:

I'm 43, started riding 5 years ago. Went in a couple of races this year and didn't do too bad. I definetly upped my fitness regime over the last few years, to try help offset the ageing process

I'll be 37 in January, been riding since I was 10. Had an 8 year hiatus from dirt bikes...traded my XR600 in for a SuperHawk. Bought the WR this past April after my second kid showed up and sold my streetbike last month. Things take a bit longer to heal now, but at least I don't worry anymore about Soccer Moms parking their H2's and Yukons on my melon. A buddy of mine and I are gonna do all of Baja with Baja Bound in the next year or so. I'm not hangin' my dirt bikin' up again until the Alzheimer's sets in..SC

very cool and inspiring! Im 33, I sold my softail and got my wr450 after a 20 year break from dirtbikes. I love it, I dont know why I ever left.

39, me. Still riding BMX freestyle (my first love), which I only returned to after a 10 year break, and since getting my WR last year I'm back in the dirt after 22 years off!

Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. Ever.

Anyways, haven't you heard? 40 is the new 30 . apparently. :applause:

I am 41 as well. The falls hurt for a day or two longer than when I was 30, but so what. If the day comes that I can no longer ride, I will deal with it. Until then, why stop???

I can still ride the tracks. At 80-85 percent of my speed I can go years without crashing if need be.

The day I can no longer participate in the activities I love, what will the reason be for living???

This is a great thread.

I'm 39 and really just got started a couple of years ago too. I went from a Harley to a KLR 650 and now the WR (the best yet). I got into it because I wanted to ride with my boys. We're addicted for sure! I'm definitely more cautious now than when I was younger, not just riding. I work out now so I can ride better, whereas before, it was just to workout. I LOVE the PDC! That is, "personal dirt craft".

I am starting to feel young again

43 and pissed off that I did have 12 years of MC sobriety, thank god I had a relasps. I have heard from two diffrent people that a 86 year old man in my county whom has some land can be seen almost daily riding a quad on it!! :applause::ride::p

I'm 48 :ride: and still ride hard, including "old fart's league" motocross. I don't do some of the stupid stuff I did when I was earlier, especially since crashing bad and separating my shoulder a couple of years ago. I don't heal as fast as I used to... :applause:

I am at a half-o-century, I am just a little more careful, but not too careful! I can't see myself stopping anytime soon.

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