tire size tolerances

How much give is there in tire sizing? I have 80/100 and 110/100 tires on the WR400. I have no idea what was stock. These particular sizes appear to be somewhat uncommon. Yes, I know I can change the 2nd number a bit and aside from ride height and the bike tilting fore/aft a little bit, it's no big deal. But what about width? 90 width up front and 120/130 out in the rear seems to be more common. dirt bike rims seem preciously narrow. do the wider tires still use the same bead width?

I have put 120 even 130 size tires on my 450 with no problems, I all depends on manufacturer of tire. I had tires that were a tight fit and some not. I prefer to run wider tires on my bike than the stock 110/100.

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