WR450 ICE USSC SuperKart

This originally was a reply in the YZ forum, but since the real roots are from a WR I thought it should play here also.

OK FFRacing79 you get your wish. In the USSC series, we have a number of Honda 450's and Yamaha YFZ's, YZ's, and WR's running. Nobody is afraid of them, but the racing we do puts a ton of stress on them and a lot have grenaded. So far, a stock motor will not be competitive with the best 250 2 stroke singles out there, but built 4 stroke motors have won in the ICE class. I will admit that this year was a real sorting out process and we did not have good results. This will change as we build on the experiences and get a handle on keeping them together.

Strike 450 Fact Sheet

Chassis… KartPro Stratos Strike 450

Engine(s)… Yamaha 450 WR450/YZ450

Racing Class.. USSC ICE http://www.ussc250.com/index.html

Class Rules... 250cc 2 Stroke Singles/500cc 4 Stroke Singles

Engine Mods.. YES

Clutch… STM Slipper

Carb… HSR/TM Mikuni 45mm

Fuel… Racing Gas according to class rules

Ignition… Vortex

ExhaustJardine Ti

Oil… Alisyn Pro Drive 21 OW-20

Oil Cooler… Setrab

Oil Tank... Peterson Fluid Systems, CO

Trans… 4/5 Speed

Top Speed… 130mph+

Tires… BridgeStone CIK SuperKart rated

Brakes… Brembo

Steering… Anderson Rack and Pinion

Seat… Anderson

Body… By Owner

Wing… P-1

Chain… Krause SideWinder 428 O-Ring

Fabrication & Custom Bits... Eddie Wilbanks

Sponsors… DeMay Racing & Memphis Shades

Photo Links…








Don E

That thing's off the hook......... :applause:

Whoa! E-button too.

I'm looking forward to retirement.....

What did you do with the rest of the WR?

I'll bet that thumper intimidates the 2-Smokes. :applause:

I want one!!

That thing is beautiful, who did all the fabricating? I can't wait to get old now! :applause: Just kidding.

That thing is beautiful, who did all the fabricating? I can't wait to get old now! :lol: Just kidding.

Ditto! Fantastic project! Sweet cart!! :applause::ride::p:p:lol::p:p

That is some awesome fabrication!!! I want one too! :ride::applause::p

Mostly my ideas for the fabricated parts, but the work was done by my machinist extraordinaire Eddie Wilbanks in Memphis, TN. If I can think of it, he can make it and if I can't think of how to do it, he can do that also!!!

Thanks for the kind words and I will pass the thoughts to him.

Don E

It's :bonk: beautiful.

How fun is that? :applause:

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