new WR426 owner with concerns

Greetings to all! I took delivery yesterday of my 2001 WR426. Rode it around the neighborhood for a few minutes taking it easy then parked it until this morning. I went ahead and did the free mods last night too. A friend and I went out for a ride this morning whereupon I commenced to performing the break-in ritual. Taking it relatively easy, varying speeds and load (less than 1/2 throttle), I rode for around 40 minutes and stopped to give it a good visual inspection and fluids check. All seemed well. Went out and rode it around the riding area just learning my way around and occasionally romping on it a little (It may be a while before my skill level will tolerate romping on it a LOT).

Returned to the house afterward and proceeded to change the oil, clean the strainer, and clean the filter. Upon draining the oil from the frame tank I was immediately alarmed by the amount of metallic materials suspended in the oil. Upon removing the filter, I found a considerable amount of more fine metallic substance which was magnetic. I'd estimate that the filter was maybe 5 to 10 percent clogged up with this fine metal.

Can anyone comment on the quantity of metallic material observed in the break-in oil?

Although I'm now working as a software developer, in a previous lifetime I worked 15 years in the automotive repair field (transmission rebuilder) and am very familiar with all things mechanical. My guess (and HOPE) is that this is the normal junk from breaking in one of these beasts. I'd love to hear anyone's opinion either way!

Again, greetings to everyone here. I spent a considerable portion of last night reading hundreds of postings to this board. Looks like tons of good info and people here.

Thanks for reading this far!

Jerry in Deltona, FL

Very normal for the metal, Jerry. I too was quite alarmed when I came up with lots of metal on my first oil change. I asked the same question.


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

I have a new WR as well. Expect a lot of metal in your first few changes. This is normal. After about three oil changes, the metal presence will subside. Clean the screen as well as this also gets plugged up. Clean the filter too.I live in the world of software development and maintenance as well, and the guys on this site are awesome when it comes to anything about your new WR. Welcome.

Kevin, thanks for the info. My mechanical knowledge tells me that it's normal....but when I see it in MY OWN oil it's still alarming.

I went through almost the same anxiety attack with my Suzuki Bandit 1200 street bike on its first oil change (though there wasn't nearly as much metallic stuff in that bike.

Jerry in Deltona, FL

ChrisG, Thanks for the reply! I did clean the filter and the strainer at the bottom of the frame/tank....and will definitely be cleaning them each FREQUENT oil change until the oil starts staying much cleaner.



'01 WR426 - stock for now (except for the throttle stop mod and air box lid removed).


I took me about 7 oil changes to start seeing nothing in the oil. I did do frequent changes though. About every 5 hours of riding.

Also, ty davis sells some neat magnetic oil plugs on his site that helps trap that stuff if you are interested.

welcome to TT


The ty davis plugs are great. They trap all the shavings and collect them for you until you take it out and clean it off. You really need to look closely, cause they like to cling to the magnet.

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