dude, where's my oil?

So, this is kind of strange. I just changed the oil in my 04 650L, just the oil not the filter. I drained out 2 quarts, then I added around 1 3/4 qts, to get up to the full mark, then I warmed the bike up and checked it again and the stick was bone dry, so I added the rest of the 2nd qt., which is what the manual calls for an oil change, minus the filter, and it was still not reading on the stick, so then I added about 1 1/2 cup more and it is just reading at the bottom hole. This is what the book is telling me is full with a filter change. I probably would not have noticed this and just added oil until it was full, had I not only had 2 and 1/4 qts of oil handy, so now I have to wait till Tuesday when the dealer opens to get some more oil to top off.How much do you guys put in at an oil change, and if you had to just top it off with a couple of cups, would you feel safe adding a little automobile 10W40, or some diesel oil 15w40? Or would you just wait to ride until you could get some motorcycle 10w40 oil?

My XR650L Manual calls for 2 quarts of oil when changing the filter. It doesn't bring the oil level up to the full mark on my dip stick. I always use two and a half quarts of oil. That brings it to the full mark on the stick. After draining your oil there is a procedure you use to refill. You are draining the oil in the engine and the frame as well? If so you add one quart of oil and start the bike. Let it run for a couple of minutes then add one and half more. About mixing oils. I would recommend it myself. My L has 13,000 miles and still running strong. Hope this helped. :applause:

Also if you have 2 and 1/4 quarts of oil in the bike it should be good to go. You could ride this weekend and add a 1/4 quart Tuesday. :applause:

I'm glad to see this post. I thought I was crazy when I added the recommended amount only to find no oil on the dipstick. Yes I started it and let it warm up when I checked. I ended up adding probably a 1/4 of a qt more to get at least half way up the dipstick.

Good, I'm glad to see this is a normal situation, when adding oil. I was starting to think into it too much like some sort of conspiracy theory, like looking around the driveway wondering if a half quart of oil decided to abandon ship somewhere. I don't know about you guys but I rarely have a oil change go trouble free, I mean this time I did not have enough oil to make the switch, or I'll drop the bolt in the oil pan, or not aim the pan in the right spot and leak oil on the ground, or like last time I was thinking how I didn't make a mess this time and then went to get a funnel, when I accidentally kicked the drain pan. Or have you ever been putting the old oil in another container, and you overfill that container and the funnel is still full with oil? I mean there is no way to save that from spilling all over the ground. Ah well at least I don't have to change the coolant.

My manual says 2.2 qts of oil with a filter change. I change the oil take a quick spin stop have a cup of coffe and its all ways perfect on the dip stick. Its all about that amount of time for the oil to balance out. Honda says that specific amount for a reason. Besides to much oil is not a good thing,and it will end up in your air filter box anyway. That where your crank case breather tube ends up.

goblin, what year is your bike? My manual states 2.06 qts. with filter change.

It is common on the 650R's. If the engine has not been running for a while, the oil all goes down into the engine.

One guy I rode with let his 650R sit for a few weeks and the oil wouldn't show up on the dip stick. We got out to where we were riding and he started to add oil. Then when he finally started the bike up, oil started coming out from his air cleaner.

It was funny for me. He took out about what he put in. Then we went riding.


Yea fuelie your right! I musta been thinkin about that quad I just got rid of or somethin.

By the way I am running some mobil 1 motorcycle synthetic oil in the honda now 4500 mi. and I would say this thing does shift better than it did before.

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