tripple clamp question.

HI everyone. First of all this site is great with all its information.

I have a 2003 wr450. I have added pro taper bars. the highest they make. the problem is that they are stil too low and too far back. What tripple clamp will move my bars up and foward. are there any? I am 6'3" and its tough to ride standing up with the bars so low. :ride: thanks guys :applause:

GTYR make one that you desire and add some bar risers.

is this one like the ones that comes on the 06 bikes that you can remove the actual bar clamps and just replace them?

There are a few brands (GYT-R included, can't remember which others) that have 2 sets of riser mounting holes in the clamp. These, in combination with various different risers, will get you almost any position you want.

there are probably a dozen to choose from. brp, applied racing, pro taper.......have you looked in any catalogs? remember, in '04 the yz went to bigger forks (diameter ) and in '05 the wr did. personally, i think brp makes a very good product and the bar clamps come in three heights.

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