replacement rear brake pedal?

I had a pretty nasty get-off that tweaked the triangular forward toe section of my rear brake pedal. Straightened it some but in the process I put a stress fracture in the pedal so I don't know how long it will last.

No biggy, I thought. I'll just look up an OEM replacement and order a new one.

I searched out a website that sells OEM Yamaha parts and they want $114.00!!!!...........for a stamped out piece of metal! Can you believe that? I've heard of factory markup but this takes the cake.

My question is do any of you have suggestions or know of websites that sell replacement rear brake pedals at a sane price?


Any chance it can be welded with a wire feed or brazed with gas? I repaired a broken rear pivot bolt on my old CR with brazing. This is hindsight but did you you heat it when you bent it back? I've had luck straighting levers and peddles just using a propane torch.

Go on Ebay. You will get one for 10 bucks. Or you could use it until it breaks. Dont sweat the petty stuff. Pet the sweaty stuff.

Yep, there are two on eBay right now. One is factory and the other is a BBR. The factory already has a brake snake.

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